Don’t forget to save your leftover Halloween candy!! The
Franklin County OSU Alumni Club will be putting together
goodie bags again this year for students. Candy, gum,
pencils, any little trinkets you think a college kid would
appreciate to help stay awake while studying for fall
semester exams — bring it to us!
We will collect items at our next two meetings, Weds,
Oct. 11 and Nov. 8, or you can contact us to arrange a
drop off or pick up. We will schedule a packing night to
put the bags together in mid-November.
Then we will schedule a night in early December just
before exams to deliver them to the dorm. This has to be
arranged with the resident advisor for that hall, so we do
not have an exact date yet.
You are welcome to participate in any of the three steps –
– gathering supplies, packing the bags, or delivering. Just
send us an email or call to let us know what you can do.
Email: osualumnifranklincounty@yahoo.com or call