It’s time for our annual raffle of our Presidents Club football tickets!  The OSU Alumni Club of Franklin County is making all of our seats available again this year in our raffle. All money raised goes directly to our Scholarship fund to help a future Buckeye.

These are great seats, in section 16C ROW 1, with seatbacks! Tickets for the raffle are $5 for 1 chance, $25 for 6 chances or $50 for 13 chances. Order now!  

We are not allowed to sell the raffle tickets on our website. Send checks (payable to “OSU Alumni Club of Franklin County”) to Jerry Vance, 5625 Pleasant Hill Drive, Hilliard, OH 43026.  Include your email address and phone number so we can notify you about raffle results.

There will be three drawings, one for the first 3 games was held on Weds Sept. 8 (at our monthly board meeting), the second drawing will be on Oct. 1 for the next three games, and a final drawing on Nov. 10 (at our monthly board meeting) for the Michigan State home finale.  Everyone is welcome to attend the drawings. All home games are available:

10/9:       Maryland     

10/30: Penn State

11/13: Purdue

11/23: Mich State


Money must be received by noon, Oct 1 for the second drawing. For questions contact Jerry Vance, or 614-316-0852.

All proceeds from the raffle will go directly to our scholarship fund, which needs a serious boost since we were not able to have any fundraisers last year!

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