Volunteer Opportunity at Star House

In the Woody Hayes tradition of “paying it forward,” the OSU Alumni Club of Franklin County regularly seeks out opportunities to provide community service to local organizations who are serving others in need.
Star House is a safe haven for homeless teens and college-age students, which was originally sponsored by the OSU College of Education.  It is now an independent facility which relies on volunteers to continue their services.  
We will be assisting them in their donation warehouse on Saturday, November 2, from 11 am to 1 pm.  If you can spare a few hours that day, please join us!  You can sign up by simply emailing us at OSUAlumniFranklinCounty@yahoo.com  with your name, phone #, and email address.  We will send you directions and details. 
Questions?  Please contact Karyn Johnson at 614-822-1430 or englanke@yahoo.com.