Join us for a unique evening to learn about some of the fascinating history of our city!  On Wednesday, January 22, at 6 pm, at the Alumni House, we will host our OSU Sesquicentennial Dinner, with a special presentation called “Columbus Uncovered!”This event will tie-in to the university’s year-long Sesquicentennial celebration (150th birthday of Ohio State).  The history of Columbus and the history of the university are certainly intertwined. 
Learn about a long-lost, world-class amusement park, huge replicas of the world’s biggest wonders, a 1903 stage play with eight galloping horses, the 19th century pharmacist who loved to sunbathe nude atop his castle, the early visit of an airship that led to a riot.  And many curiosities are still with us today – a neighborhood with 50 Frank Lloyd Wright-style homes, a company that makes burglar-proof burial vaults, and more of the most-unusual chapters in our city’s history.